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Sales Assessments

We conduct a 360° Sales Assessment of your strategy, systems, processes, talent hiring and compensation scheme, existing training programs, available skills, and finally evaluate your overall sales performance.


Growth Strategies

On the basis of our assessment, we develop strategies focused on growth. We use our experience and knowledge of your organization to make the strategic recommendations that are adapted to your company’s capabilities and culture.


Process Optimisation

We identify successful sales patterns and replicate them to incorporate winning tactics and strategies within the company’s sales culture.



We conduct sales-specific training to leadership and sales teams to enhance sales and sales management skills. Training is conducted in group workshops, interactive practice sessions and one-on-one.


Maintain Growth

Coach and reinforce key messages and concepts to ensure sales process improvements are applied for long-term sales success.

Jack Wilson
Asia’s leading sales expert for business professionals

My passion for sales and helping others achieve great results led to the establishment of Sales Dragon Consulting. In business, sales are everything. They make the difference between success and failure. They allow great ideas and products to find their way to the market and enable us to impact our world. I also believe that becoming a great salesperson is a skill that anyone can learn.

Sales Dragon is the result of over 25 years of award-winning sales campaigns and business development across Asia. During this time, I had the opportunity to develop highly effective and proven sales methods working with top-level sales people and winning thousands of mandates from major corporations throughout the APAC region.

With my team, I now share this real-world sales and sales management experience to assist my clients in implementing sophisticated sales strategies, mentoring their leadership, and improving the performance of sales teams.

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