Helping to grow businesses through increased sales performance.

Sales Dragon Consulting officially opened for business in Hong Kong today.  The firm has been established to deliver strategic consulting and skills to enable clients across the Pacific Rim to achieve their sales growth objectives.

“I am launching Sales Dragon today because I believe that sales and sales management are vital skills that business professionals need to master,” said Jack Wilson, Founder and Managing Director of Sales Dragon.  “Sales performance is a critical success factor in today’s highly competitive markets.”

“Business professionals face many challenges when it comes to sales.  Companies regularly spend millions developing quality products and services, only to struggle with slow sales growth.  Management teams are tasked with expanding businesses, but so often have not been educated sufficiently about modern sales strategies and processes.  Sales teams are left to sink or swim, rather than taught to employ proven techniques to maximize success.”

“Sales excellence can be any company’s competitive advantage.  The right strategies and processes, and the right methodology and front-line skills can boost sales growth massively.  Sales Dragon’s purpose is to help our clients secure these benefits.”

Sales Dragon will advise and mentor clients on sales management practices and sales skills.  Bespoke solutions will be based on business and industry analysis and will be conveyed through consulting and training to management and sales teams.