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Do Sales Leaders Really Know Their Sales Team?

This article discusses the challenges that business leaders face when trying to measure the competencies and skills of their salespeople. You know the old saying that goes, “You don’t really know someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”?   When I was first...

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How You Can Hire Great Salespeople

If you are disappointed by the lack of exceptional performance when hiring salespeople, you are not alone! According to a study of over 2 million salespeople by Objective Management Group (OMG), only 26% of salespeople have the sales skills to make them successful. With so many unsuccessful salespeople, it is no wonder so many companies struggle to grow sales revenue as quickly as they would like.

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Sales Management Through the Covid Crisis (Part 5 of 5): Actions

In this final article we illustrate how companies can adopt a systematic approach to deliver sustainable improvements to sales performance.  We provide real-world advice on how companies can address changes to management of strategy, processes and people.  Through action in these areas, companies can drive sales success during the Covid era and beyond.

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