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Sales Management Through the Covid Crisis (Part 5 of 5): Actions

In this final article we illustrate how companies can adopt a systematic approach to deliver sustainable improvements to sales performance.  We provide real-world advice on how companies can address changes to management of strategy, processes and people.  Through action in these areas, companies can drive sales success during the Covid era and beyond.

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Sales Management Through the Covid Crisis (Part 1 of 5): Challenges

This article focuses on some of the sales management challenges that companies are facing during the Covid crisis. Issues of declining revenue, distance-working and disruptions in market connectivity are having a profound impact on sales forces across Asia. These challenges are driving significant changes in the way that sales is conducted now and into the future.

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Sales Prospecting: Strategies for Success

Are you struggling to find new clients?  Are you frustrated by poor quality leads? In this article from Sales Dragon Consulting, Jack Wilson, Asia’s leading sales expert for business professionals, discusses strategies for prospecting success that individual...

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